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Dungeon Legacy
by George Ward

   Dungeon Legacy is a knight's tale about a group of hero adventurers.

Arlina Drakeclaw - Female Eladrin Warlock - A noble lady with a cruel side.

Ersaor Stoneleaf - Male Elf Ranger - wild, restless warden

Nogi Macecrusher - Female Dwarf Paladin - cute religious zelot

Karlaia Hope - Female Tiefling Wizard - street-smart tough girl

Taddin Fusopa - Male Halfling Warlord - Stiff, by-the-book strategist

Zetork Metalmaw - Male Dragonborn rogue - fun-loving doofus

This eclectic group will be fighting amongst themselves as much as they are fighting the enemy, but when the going gets tough they will work together to survive.

   Dungeon Legacy also hosts a second comic by George Ward called Art Animals, which is a tale about anthropomorphic roommates who need to learn to get along, despite their obvious differences.
Art Animals

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